Monday, March 30, 2009

Squirrel Meat and Marriage Proposals

I think all of you know my history with squirrels. I hate them. When I was working in Washington D.C. two summers ago, two of them jumped on my back. They would also sprawl out by my park bench and wag their tails, anticipating me to feed them...which for the record, I refused to do. Well, this week one of my favorite families in the ward tried to get me to eat squirrel. I knew that they would never let me live it down if I refused to eat it, and I knew it would make a good story. So I leaped right into the experience and choked it down. My eyes started watering, and I could feel myself start to gag. I didn't want to throw up right in their kitchen, so I made myself swallow the bite before I could fully chew it. I just kept picturing this gristly meat and a furry tail going down my throat. The wife was worried about me, I looked so sick. Well, her husband had finally gotten a big enough reaction out of me that he felt it was okay to tell me the truth. It was only hamburger meat put in a small dish. My gullibility has been very entertaining to them lately. I should just learn to never believe anything anyone tells me!

I also got my first marriage proposal of the week. We were contacting former investigators...there are a TON to go through. We were trying to get out of one particular home because one of the individuals had been drinking and we needed to move on. As we walked out to the gate, the guy followed us out and asked Sister Crossley and I if we were married. I just looked at her like a deer in the headlights. "How are we going to get out of this one?" I thought. Sister Crossley smiled, and said. "Someday." He replied by saying, "Well, you know...I'm available." It was one of those situations we just had to laugh off. This experience has kind of been the theme of the week.

I wish I had more stories for you...but not much happened. We did meet one girl about our age who is super interested in the church. I'm SO excited to get to know her better. I just love her already. One of our investigators gave us a Navajo stuff, so exciting! Sister Crossley is keeping the Navajo religion booklet, and I'm keeping the Navajo Bible I think. But it is big, so I might need to mail it home.

I think this transfer period will be exciting. We picked up three new investigators on Saturday, and a lot of the people we were working with last transfer period seem to be ready to move forward soon. I feel like lots of good things are about to happen. I am excited for this area and love being here.

I love all the mail I've been getting from friends, family and ward members. I usually try to reply within two weeks. Well, that's about it. I love you all. I love this time in my life, being a missionary is wonderful.

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