Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Belated Easter

Thanks to everyone for all your letters. All the missionaries in my area make fun of me for getting more mail than anyone. I do get a lot more mail than other people. I thought it would wear off by the time I got out of the MTC and the novelty of writing a new missionary was gone...but the stream has been pretty consistent. Which I LOVE. I'll take the teasing....cause I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks y’all!

This week flew by really fast! But I don't feel like I have very many stories to share! Anyway, the weather here is crazy! There are so many dust storms. We came in from tracting one day and I had sand in my ears, teeth, hair and clothes.

Some of the families here bought baby chicks for Easter, and it was so fun to play with them. They dyed them Easter colors...which was kind of interesting! On Easter morning, we read from Jesus the Christ for our study. I love the passages about Christ's appearance to Mary Magdalene. I just wish there was more time to study in the morning. I would have never thought that I would think an hour of study wouldn't be enough! For Easter, we took cookies and copies of, "The Living Christ," to as many of our investigators as we could. I LOVE, "The Living Christ". I didn't appreciate it very much before...but it is profound, testifies of the reality that He is very much involved in this dispensation. Mom, you're so right. Holidays are very different on a mission. But I feel very strongly that Easter is the most sacred holiday, and it is a privilege to be a full time messenger for Christ's church at this time of year.

On Saturday, we sang at the nursing home again, but we made the Elders in our district come with I wouldn’t have to be a soloist again. One of the residents came up and belted along with us. One of the Elders (who was in my MTC district, but who shall remain nameless) started giggling at this, which ended up being really bad because his laugh is infectious. I started laughing as well. Good thing I was sitting at the piano with Sister Crossley, and so people couldn't really see my face. Oh brother. Good times at the nursing home.

Today, the Elders are ganging up on me and are going to make me play soccer. For the past few weeks, I’ve been sitting out of the sports games. I guess I’ll just grin and bear it. Four of us are also going to practice a song to sing as a musical number for a Zone Conference. In high school I was really into music, but everyone at BYU was better, so I no longer considered myself a “musical” person…so it is weird to be put into that stereotype again. But it’s also kind of fun. It’s not very often that the male voices out number the girls, so it’s nice to be needed..haha.

I love you all very much. I'm grateful for your support. Have a wonderful week! As the Navajos say, (phonetically spelled as always ;) “Tlot Diyin nichk ha lone ah”…. or “God be With You!”

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