Monday, August 3, 2009

A List for My Weekly Letter

This week was full of challenges, but it is easier to handle them when you have fun companions!

In summary:

  • Our car battery died.
  • The air conditioning went out.
  • It sounds like our investigator might want to wait for her husband to get worthy to baptize her which would be a long delay in her baptism date-the whole situation is getting frustrating.
  • Our investigator Ben gave us a list of 11 reasons why Mormonism is wrong, and
  • We helped one of our investigators move out of her house so that they can move into a storage shed.

But when they say the mission is an emotional roller coaster, they don’t lie. Here are the high points of the week.

  • We got to eat dinner with the sweetest German lady!
  • I followed a prompting to knock on a particular door that ended up being the daughter of our investigator who is supposed to get baptized this month!
  • We prayed that our investigator would make the effort to find her Book of Mormon and she did!
  • The sweetest deacon/teacher? in our ward made us dinner this week. He passes the sacrament each week and is saving up for a mission even though his dad isn’t active in the church at all. He invited us over and made the meal basically by himself.
  • We made brownies to bribe someone to come to church…it worked!
  • We committed a young man to stop smoking …WITH a PINKY PROMISE
  • I got to fiddle with Mr. Brown, while he played guitar and Sister Boisselle sang…we finally got him to open up.
  • The spirit helped us so much with one of our lessons in particular and the investigator came to church!
  • Pistachio home made ice cream!

Thanks for the letters and especially for the See’s chocolates. My companions and I especially needed them last night! This transfer is so much fun. We laugh all the time and get to teach so many people every day! For Preparation Day, we are having lunch with the Sisters from Shiprock, and helping one of our investigators make centerpieces for her wedding. It should be a fun day.

Love you more than you know!

Sister Waters

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