Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas in Albuquerque 12/07/09

Well, it’s Preparation day again. It’s been a good week. I got another letter from that investigator in Bloomfield that was getting baptized! He sent me his baptism program! I was on cloud nine basically the whole day. This was one of my all time favorite investigators (but that’s not really fair, since I say that about a lot of them ;) Anyway, Francis got baptized! He’s awesome, and his story is definitely one that shows a night and day difference in how the message of the Book of Mormon can change someone’s life dramatically. He’s going to be a powerhouse in the church. If I’m this excited for him, it’s hard to imagine how much more pleased our Father in Heaven is. It’s easy to get discouraged on the mission when you don’t see day to day efforts make fast changes. But that’s not what the gospel is about anyway…it’s not a quick fix. It’s more lasting than that. But it’s amazing to get news like this from Francis where you can see that continued effort really does make a difference eventually. The spirit and the atonement really allow each of us to change. If we ask for a change of heart and greater ability, we almost always get it.

We finally got to know another one of our investigators better this week. She hasn’t seen the missionaries in a while, and I think she got turned off from the message after a bad experience with one of the missionaries. But we’ve been getting to know her! She made us some amazing green chili turkey soup, and even came to the Ward Christmas Party. She asked about how you get baptized, and she even went over to her neighbor’s house to get another copy of the Book of Mormon! I don’t often say that investigators need sisters, because most of the time a missionary is a missionary, but I think she just feels more comfortable with us! We shared a Christmas scripture from the Book of Mormon with her, and it touched her, and that’s what started all of the excitement listed above! I hope that it continues!

It is freezing here in Albuquerque! We went tracting a lot this Saturday. I was hoping that Christmas decorations would signify believers. I was hoping that these would be clues as to who already has faith in Christ. But I was so surprised to knock on doors, telling people that we have a Christmas message and to find that many people didn’t want to hear it. We asked another person if they believed in the Savior and got a flat out no I don’t believe in Christ. CHRISTmas decorations and all! People are very busy this time of year. It’s sad. But I still know that sharing the gospel with our brothers and sisters is one of the best Christmas gifts we can offer.

We brought a member to teach one of our long time investigators this week. And it made a night and day difference in how she received the message! Instead of doubting and questioning like she usually does with us, she felt like she had a friend and told us that she decided she was going to ask her boss for Sundays off so that she could come to church. She’s a single mom, so this will be a huge sacrifice. We fasted yesterday that the Lord would open up a way for this to be possible.

We had another of our investigators at church. She told us that the Elders were really good at not pushing her, but that since the sisters have gotten here, we have been persistent in trying to schedule appointments and get it done. I was surprised to hear that! I think her heart may have been softened now to the point that she doesn’t view our phone calls as being pushy.

I loved this thought from one of the testimonies given in church yesterday. “As we open our mouths we become a part of the restoration; the restoration of truths to other people.” It’s true! And it’s exciting!

Well I love you all. I love hearing about everything that you are doing. I hope you are all healthy and happy and that you are enjoying the Christmas season. Thanks for your prayers and for your support!

Sister Waters

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