Monday, June 29, 2009

Transfer News

Wow, what a week. You've probably heard that the MTC has swine flu. As a result of the quarantine, we weren't going to get our new missionaries on President decided to postpone transfers by a week. Then, a few days ago, we heard that transfers would occur as originally scheduled. So, we made transfer predictions....and waited for the news on Saturday. And. . .I'm staying in Bloomfield for another transfer. I will hit my 6 month mark while in Bloomfield. But it gets more interesting. . . I am now the senior companion! Crazy. I'm still in my greenie area, and I'm going senior after just 4 1/2 months in the field. Hopefully, I can remember how to drive. My new companion will be Sister Abney, from Missouri. We were actually in the MTC together.

All is well here.

Love ya bunches!

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