Friday, July 3, 2009

Can You Go On a Date If You Stick Together?


We’re going to Chaco Canyon today! I am so excited. I was looking on the map Spencer (my younger brother) gave me for Christmas, and read a little about Chaco. It has something like 13-16 different ruins within the park. So it should be really fun!

We had Zone Conference on Tuesday; it was so strange to see Sister Crossley and Sister Mailo give their departing testimonies. They are the sisters I looked up to…now there are only 3 or 4 sisters that have been out longer than I have! We’re getting more English speaking sisters in 3 weeks, so I guess that means our group isn’t the youngest anymore!

After Zone Conference, we taught a lesson to one of our investigators. Her husband sat in on the lesson this time! It was so exciting! After we finished, she let us help her weave a traditional Navajo rug she’s working on. It was so fun! She explained that there are a lot of rules about the tools they use and the direction they weave that tie into traditional religion. Then… she and two of her kids came to church on Sunday! They were originally just going to stay for Sacrament Meeting, but her kids loved Primary, and so they stayed for all three hours! The ward was so good! And they said they would come back!

We were up in Farmington on Wednesday, and a member took us out to eat at Los Hermanitos. (I was so excited due to the similarity in name to Los Hermanos in Provo.) It was really good! On the way home, she had to make a quick stop at Staples, so we helped her get some office supplies. I picked up some more batteries for my camera, and Sister Abney was about to go back to the car, but then realized that she needed to wait for me. The store clerk that had been helping us (and following us around a LOT I might add) noticed that we couldn’t be separated. As he helped the lady load the paper into her car, he started asking questions about missionaries…where we can go, what we do, etc. Then he asked if we could go on a date, if we went together. The lady we came with told him a resounding NO, but said that other missionaries could teach him about the church if he was interested….he asked if we could teach him, but she responded by saying that we were busy. The whole thing was a little awkward, but mostly hilarious. There are too many crazy things that happen on the mission.

We taught about repentance to one of our investigators this week. After the lesson, I felt like I had taught something wrong, I felt like I had focused too much on the hope and relief that can come as we turn our lives over to the Savior. I worried for most of the evening, like I always do whenever I worry, but then I took the time to analyze why I was so worried. I came to the conclusion, that Satan WOULD want me, especially as a missionary, to change the way I teach repentance. He would want people to feel like there is no hope. After I realized this, I was able to stop worrying. It’s fascinating what you discover when you analyze why you do certain things.

Here is my favorite quote from yesterday. “All of us have a good heart; it’s just what we do with it.” We were talking about service in Relief Society yesterday, and one of the ladies said that, and so I wrote it down. I truly believe that almost everyone has a good heart. Everyone has the light of Christ. There aren’t many people who wake up and say, “How can I destroy someone else’s life today.” But it comes down to work. We may have good intentions; we want to be good people, but we have to USE our good hearts.

I love you all. Have a wonderful week! I’m sorry I don’t have much more to say.

Jesus Christ Binahagha Akee di Dayyoolkaalgo Ya Naazinigii = The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (spelled correctly for once! In Navajo, but missing the tones. Oddly enough Navajo is somewhat of a tonal language as well.)

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