Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello 4/05/2010

Hello Family,

I have been lucky not to struggle with homesickness much on my mission, but yesterday was awful. Really awful. I miss you all so much!

Well, if General Conference wouldn’t make a missionary trunky I don’t know what would! It was all about families!

Thank you for your letters, I got them on Transfer day. Yes, Laura Barney is in my ward here. She lives with the Ullibarri family, who I recognize, but I haven’t met Sis. Barney yet. That’s fun news.

Also thank you for the Easter packages. You spoil me a lot! But it was fun to have a new Easter outfit and some homemade cookies. Thank you!

Sister Kavatoe is a great sister. She only had two weeks in the MTC to learn English, but I really do understand everything she says. The Spirit is very strong when she speaks. She’s pretty funny and loves to have fun.

This week was very difficult…maybe one of the hardest weeks I have had in the mission. I think Sister Kavatoe might be convinced that people in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area are mean. I think it was just a rough week. I’m praying that the initial success we saw last transfer continues and wasn’t an illusion.

Meeting people who really do not like missionaries really makes me appreciate dinner appointments with members. Sometimes I really think we just need to be around people who will affirm that what we are doing is right. To feel the spirit in a home and to hear the testimonies of other members is a great blessing.

Today we will be spending some time with the Spanish Sisters in Rio Rancho. One of them is from Mexico and the other one is from Peru, so they don’t have driver’s licenses, and therefore are on Bicycles. We’ll be driving with them a lot on preparation days this transfer. It should be fun. And it means we get more miles to drive…which eliminates some of the stress. I’ve been going over the allotted miles lately. Our area is just too big!

I love you all very much and miss you terribly. You are the best family ever, and I cannot wait to see you all again. In some ways it feels like I have forever to go until I see you. Sorry this is so short! Hope all is well with you!

Sister Waters

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