Monday, May 17, 2010

Should I Go or Should I Stay? 4/26/2010

Hello Family,

During interviews this week, President Anderson asked me if I still had the desire to extend. Out of the three sisters who asked to stay longer, the sister who asked for an extension first is no longer able to stay out till August. It would be helpful if one sister extends so that the new mission president isn’t left with a trio, and so that President doesn’t have to close another area due to lack of sisters. I told him I would still extend. He said he was sorry to keep changing the story and pull us in other directions.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about extending. It will come as no surprise to you that I have a difficult time making decisions.

As I have contemplated extending my mission, there are days, like today for example, where extending seems like it would be the greatest thing in the world. As the scriptures say, this is the last time the Lord is calling his servants to labor in his vineyard, so why not spend more time doing this eternally important work! If I can assist in helping one more family or individual embrace the restored gospel, then extending for another transfer would be absolutely wonderful. However, there are also days, where I feel as if my efforts are not doing much good. Where it seems like we accomplished very little that day, and the mission seems difficult and I begin to miss my family and get excited about post-mission life. I am still willing to extend, especially if it helps the work move forward. I guess I’m just the epitome of an emotional rollercoaster when it comes to extending.

This morning was so fun! We went to visit one of our investigators, but he had to reschedule the appointment because his daughter was sick. I loved his response though: “I think she’ll be better in a few hours, could I call you then and set something up for later today? If not today then definitely tomorrow.” Maybe it’s just the hopeful anticipating spirit of a missionary in me, but it sounds like he was really eager to continue his discussions! Sadly, it’s too rare an opportunity to teach someone who is so thirsty and eager to learn. I love it! Its days like this that are energizing and I feel as if I could do this work forever. This particular investigator works night shifts with my old ward mission leader from the Bandelier ward. Apparently, they have been discussing the gospel, and Brother Harker even gave him the Book of Mormon on CD. I’m going to have to write the Harker’s today and say “thanks.” In this way, it’s fun to live so close to my old area.

We met with an investigator last week, and for most of the week, I had planned that we would talk about the Great Apostasy more so that they could understand why a restoration was so important. But when I woke up on the morning we were scheduled to meet with him, I had that “uneasy” feeling that I have come to recognize as “Try again, Sister Waters. Your lesson plan isn’t right today, and today, more than other days, it matters what you are going to teach!” Back to the drawing board. It was pretty clear that we needed to teach the doctrine of Baptism. We needed to stress its importance, the authority, the covenants, and the age. Well, you can imagine my surprise when near the beginning of our discussion, our investigator said that today he had a lot of questions about baptism and that it had been on his mind. The spirit bore witness to me again, that it is Heavenly Father who is at the head of this work. He will tell us what to teach, especially when it is critical.

Remember our nun friend? Well she got in a car accident this week and can no longer drive herself. But she still wants to meet with us. The ward stepped up and we have a volunteer to drive and pick her up for her lessons. The Elders were also able to give her a priesthood blessing. It isn’t too often that investigators accept blessings. I am so grateful that she was able to receive a blessing.

One other quick little story from this week, we went back to teach another one of our newer investigators. She said that the book of Mormon makes sense. “Why would it all stop?” she said. I love it when the gospel clicks with people. I could feel the spirit in her home, more so than with other investigators who are searching just out of curiosity.

I am doing well. I wish I had more to tell you this week. It is getting weird that I don’t have all that long left on my mission. I was so glad to get your letters this week. I’m glad to hear that the moving of Mackenzie went well, and that dad is home from China safely. I loved the postcard. Thanks for all the support and encouragement. I really appreciate your letters. I love you and can’t wait to see you again.

Sister Waters

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